Top 10 Questions and Answers about 4shared

This is the list top 10 questions 4shared support team receives.

1. Question : “How to download from 4shared?”

Please use our Search Service to find the files you need.

You can also use our advanced Search Form.

Once you find the desirable file, click on it and you’ll be taken to the file download page. There you should click on the ‘Download Now’ link and then wait for a few moments until the file download link appears. Then you will be able to download file by pressing on the ‘Click here to download this file’ link.

2. Question : “How to upload files to my account?”

To upload a file to your virtual drive, please log into your account and use the ‘Upload files’ tab at the bottom of your account screen. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and select a file from your computer to upload, then click on the ‘Upload’ button. In a few minutes the file upload will be completed. You can also use 4shared Desktop Tool to upload the files.

3. Question : “How to search for the files of other users?”

Please use our Search Service to find the files you need.
You can also use our Advanced Search form.

You can also join the 4shared Forum and discuss any topic you wish with the Forum Members. You can join the forum using your account log in and password.

4. Question: “How to prevent users from changing files in the shared folder?”

The FolderShare feature allows you to share any of your folders with anyone by setting different access permissions on the folder. Similar to a shared file, you can send a web-based link to your shared folder.

If the shared folder has Read-only access, people can only download files from the folder.

If you don’t want certain files from your shared folder to be visible for other people, you should set up ‘ View only public files’ option and tick the files in the folder as ‘private’ or ‘ public’ correspondingly.

If your folder has ‘Delete or rename files’ or ‘Moderator’ permissions, then 4shared visitors can change your files. So don’t set these permissions if you want to prevent your files from changes.

If your shared folder has a ‘Moderator’ access, other users get all functionality within this folder.

5. Question: “What is the max size of the files that can be uploaded?”

Free users can upload files up to 500 MB. Your files must not exceed the limit as, otherwise, they will be rejected.

If the size of the file is more than 500 MB, purchase our Premium

6. Question:  How to share files with other users?

Your files can be shared with anyone, including non registered users. As soon as you upload your files on 4shared you will be able to share your file with others using an access link. You can email the link, place it on your web page, or publish it on forums or blogs.

However, if you don’t want your file to be seen by everyone, you should share your link confidentially, with certain people only. As the link is generated securely, it is absolutely impossible to access the file.

7. Question: “How to upgrade for Premium account?”

You can choose this subscription on the ‘Upgrade’ tab of your Account.

The easiest way to get there is to click on the ‘Upgrade’ button in the upper right corner on your virtual drive.

Also, you can open the tab by clicking on the ‘My Account’ button in the upper right corner on your virtual drive and by choosing the ‘Upgrade’ tab. Choose the subscription plan you want to buy and click on the ‘Purchase’ button.

8. Question: “How long are the files stored in my account?”

Your Free account and all your files will be removed from 4shared only if you do not log into the account for 30 days.

9. Question: “How to download multiple files?”

From now on the multiple download option is available for free users. You need to install 4shared Desktop Tool.

You can download all of your files at once and the files of other users.  Just remember that the size of each file should not exceed 5 GB.

You can download your own files without any size limit. Just select the files you want to download from your account and click on ‘Download selected’ on the toolbar. If you want to download the files of other users, click on ‘URLs Download’ tab and paste all the desirable links.

10.Question:  “What is 4shared Desktop tool?”

This easy to use software is designed specifically to help manage multiple file uploads, downloads and data synchronization. It prevents many problems with file upload since it enables you to resume interrupted uploads, upload whole folders and multiple files etc.

Now you know the answers to 10 most frequently asked question about 4shared! d(^_^)b